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La Purito



Accepted licenses

FEDERATED. La Purito is a federated road cycling race, therefore, this Federation only recognizes its licenses: UCI and FAC. We are aware that other federations such as the FEEC or the TRIATLÓ cover the use of BTT, but no, when the march is Federated in another Federation, therefore, all those who have registered as Federats will have to submit to withdraw the Dorsal, the original of the license of CYCLING and if you do not have it or you have another license you will have to pay the insurance of day of € 10. ONLY this license is valid in LA PURITO.
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Carbon footprint
La Purito is committed to climate change and is adhering to the Andorran Government's project to reduce CO2 emissions, and to be a green event, that's why we need you to answer the following questions:
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