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Pirinexus 360 Challenge

3rd June

Pirinexus 360 Challenge


The PIRINEXUS 360 Challenge is a personal challenge proposed non-stop 350 km circular route PIRINEXUS call. Participants have 20 hours to make an itinerary that leaving the city of Girona through Olot, crossing the border at the port of Ares, passes through Ceret, back across the border by La Jonquera, enters the plain of Empordà until sea, visit Calonge and again take the path Carrilet to return to Girona. This route passes through all types of terrain, paved roads, many track and some urban segment. 


Departure: Saturday 3rd June at 6:16 am

Processing time limit:

  • Olot: 9:45 a.m.
  • La Jonquera: 5:30 p.m.
  • Calonge: 11 p.m.
  • Girona: 2:00 a.m.

Support equipment recommended (one or two)

PRICE: 70 EUR, 1 participant and support team (1 or 2 people)

Registration includes:

  • The tour PIRINEXUS 360 Track Challenge 2017
  • Notebook route maps and profiles
  • Number
  • Gift of participation
  • 3 aid stations during the journey and on arrival
  • Controls step
  • Medical assistance and rescue during the test
  • Bicycle washing at the arrival
  • Trophy FINISHER by cyclists do the whole tour in the 20 hours stipulated
  • Pack support team (2 accreditations to enter the areas of provisioning, accreditation by the vehicle tracking maps and participants T). Exclusivement pour les équipes de soutien, accrédités et présents tout au long de l'événement.
  • VAT (21%)

• Accreditation: Friday, June 2nd between 14 and 20 hours

Non stop mode is the ultimate challenge. 20 hours to cover the entire journey alone. Participants have three refreshment points more help from his supporting cast. To ensure a good pace to the test, the three points of supplies are limited passage time that become milestones that, one after another, participants must overcome. In the end, for those who reach the limit of 20 hours, it is the Finisher trophy will remember this glorious day.

Given the distance of the challenge and the different types of flooring (550% gravel roads and asphalt 45%) the ideal bicycle should be comfortable, lightweight, stable rolling tires with 28 to 32mm bicycle. thick.

What kind of bikes come with this definition?

- Bicycles "gravel", cyclocross bikes, mountain bikes with slick tires and wheel 29 and road bikes tough enough with a pitch of wheel tire width to mount relief and a width of 25 or 28mm.

RELAY mode 4 relays, teams of 2, 3 or 4 participants

Departure: Saturday 3rd of June 6:10 am

Timeout output step and arrivals:

  • Olot: Departure open from 08:00. Check in closes at 09:45
  • La Jonquera: open from 11.00 Salida. Check in closes at 17:30
  • Calonge: Output open from 15.00. Check in closes at 23:00
  • Girona: Arrival is open from 17:30 and closes at 02:00

PRICE: 150 euros per team (2, 3, 4 participants)

Registration includes:


  • The tour PIRINEXUS 360 Track Challenge 2017
  • 1 notebook route maps and profiles
  • Dorsal
  • 3 gifts of participation
  • 3 aid stations during the journey and on arrival
  • Controls step
  • Medical assistance and rescue for the stage
  • Point Bicycle washing arrival
  • Trophy for the computer memory all the way through in the 20 hours stipulated
  • Accreditation for the vehicle
  • Maps tracking the participants
  • VAT (21%)

Accreditation: Friday, 2nd June between 14 and 20 hours

The relay mode is designed for those who want an unforgettable journey across the fantastic scenery of the surrounding region with friends. It can be done with teams of two, three or four people and corporate sub-mode designed for companies that have equipment for athletes who want to run your company.

The relay sections are selected so that each can be done with a different bike:

  • First relay (Girona - Olot) bike or mountain gravel.
  • Second relay (Olot - La Jonquera) road bike.
  • Third relay (La Jonquera - Calonge) bike or mountain gravel.
  • Fourth relay (Calonge - Girona) bike or mountain gravel.

The relay event, in addition to limit transit time, incorporates regulations related to the departure times of the relay. To avoid too high speeds and reckless driving by sections of greenway, widely used by all types of users, a schedule of minimum output of the various relay points are established. Moreover, during the last relay (Calonge - Girona), remember that the maximum greenway speed is 20 km / h and therefore arrival by participants in the relay event will not be open until a certain time (see schedule).

More information: THE CHALLENGE PIRINEXUS 360


*All entrants accept the rules of the test and give permission to the organization to use the images generated by the race. And accept the regulations.


Entry List


70.00 €
Pirinexus 360 Challenge - NON STOP - Registration closed -
150.00 €
Pirenexus 360 Challenge - RELAY - Registration closed -

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